The KORI (The Korea Orthodontic Research Institute Inc.) was founded by Il-Bong Kim and promoters that include 12 dentists for development of Orthodontics in 1977.

Il Bong Kim, the founder of KORI was a former professor of Kyunghee University and President of Korean Association of Orthodontists.

Until recent days he was traveling around the world devoted to teaching and training young dental students and young dentists to provide them with valuable teaching of wonderful life as an Orthodontist.

KORI started with 127 members in April, 1981 and obtained the approval of the Korean government as an incorporated association in 1984. Currently, it has 7 branches with over 1,300 members and its fund amounts to approximately three billion dollars.

Internationally it has held Tweed Orthodontic Course in Second medical college in Shanghai, China (1992), Maryland University, U.S.A,(1995), Shenyang Oral Medical School,(1997), Nanjing University(2000), Dalian University(2001) and so on.

Since 2005 it has held regular courses in Dalian University, China and so far it has produced two sets of graduating students.

The KORI has set up the Mongolian Association of Orthodontics and Uzbekistan Association of Orthodontics funded by Orthodontic institutes in the world.

In 2001, KORI hosted the 1st World Edgewise Orthodontic Congress (WEOC) in Seoul, initiating and developing international Orthodontic symposiums. WEOC takes place every other year and 2nd WEOC was held in Europe, 3rd one in India, 4th one again in Korea, and 5th event was held in China.

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