Kim Il Bong, Chairman of the board has given more than 30 lectures and experiments with the beginning of Shanghai Second Medical College, China, as international exchange. He received Baekokran award for this from Shanghai government.

He held Tweed course in Maryland University, U.S.A,(1995), Shenyang Oral Medical School,(1997), Nanjing University(2000),
and Dalian University(2001). Since 2005 it has held regular courses in Dalian University, China.

He has sponsored the establishment of international Orthodontic Associations and he was the matrix in founding Uzbekistan Association of Orthodontics currently in active exchange.

Since Yeom I-ra came to Korea from Russia in 1999, tens of foreign students in China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and so on have finished the courses to do research and to be trained through Orthodontic scholarship committee founded by honorable Kim Il Bong.


Steady academic interchanges have flowed into Ukraine since 2005.
Tweed Orthodontic Research Institute was founded under the sponsorship of Dr. Hamyd. Nowadays Tweed course is being taught and KORI is in charge of supporting the education.
Olga Kovalova from Ukraine has been to Korea for Orthodontic course in Korea.

Moreover, ongoing exchanges with Russia have been happening.
Anna Baykuzeva has finished KORI’s Orthodontic course in Korea along with several other dentists from Mongolia, China, and so on have completed the Orthodontic Course of KORI with the help of International Scholarship Association.


Orthodontic Dentists With International Scholarship Association
1) China : Gui Lin, Weijie Zhong
2) Mongolia : Bayarmaa Sampil, Sukhbaatar Nomingerel, Navaandorj Narantungalag, Shyerkhan Amangul
3) Uzbekistan : Yeom I-Ra, Elena V. Gugnina, Khan Irina, Kalafatova Meryem
4) Ukraine : Baranovska Nataliia, Korvyanska Iryna, Samalyuk Tetyana, Olga Kovalova
5) Russia : Khvan Ekaterina, Anna Baykuzeva

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